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We (First Marine Services) concentrate our activities in certain carefully chosen areas, and what we do, we do well!

Our chief concern is you, the customer. So if in doubt, approach us first. In the unlikely event we are unable to effect an immediate solution we will happily refer you to a specialist in that field.


Peter Wonson.

"Originally from a maritime ancestry on both sides of the family with strong ties to professional seafarers and engineers, having spent all my early years as a child being shunted from one Admiralty naval base to another."

"From an early age I was always keen to mess about on any form of floating object. What really finally sold it to me was a six week adventure on S.S. Strathnaver on  passage from Tilbury to Adelaide in South Australia when I was six years old. During the voyage I soon made a nuisance of myself on deck, in the bridge and particularly in the vast engine room… no ‘elf & safety then... I can’t imagine how everyone survived!"

"When it was time to get a proper job in the late 60’s I entered as junior junior artificer at Portland Dockyard and after three years was transferred to those glorious bastions of the Fleet Auxiliary, the fabulous MFV, where I was beaten into submission and taught the finer points of naval engineering and what exactly was meant by loyalty and working as part of a team."

"From then on I was crew, cook!! and engineer in a variety of RFA and commercial and private vessels. After a full and varied life (details of which I shall not go into here!) I then concentrated on the more relaxed discipline of construction and renovation of wooden craft which I found both satisfying and rewarding."

"Having  considerable experience with the design and installation of marine fluid systems, it led to the ability and possession of a disciplined & sequential approach with motivation to work without supervision, or as a member of a project team dedicated to an ultimate goal."

First Marine Services have been servicing private & commercial vessels since 1985 and carry full public liability insurances.

We are very proud of our partnership with Tek-Tanks, the UK's leading manufacturer of marine tanks, in designing water, waste and fuel tank systems especially for private owners who are now obliged to conform with continuing marine legislation across the world.

First Marine Services will work in any location. Our services having taken us to Norway, Croatia, Barcelona, South of France, Malaga, Italy, Greece, Turkey and of course all over the UK.


Dear Peter,

Many thanks for the note -- yes it solved the problem so thanks again.

We are currently in South Brittany enjoying a 3 month cruise and apart form the price of diesel in France(!)  all is ship-shape.

Many thanks again,

T. W.

PS Do you have a bulk tank / store for wine?  Required spec: fills & empties quickly!!!




Member of the Royal Yachting Association Member of the Brotish Marine Federation


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