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Custom Water, Waste & Fuel Tanks

Better by Design

Custom made water tank. Tek-Tanks authorised installer

Over the past years First Marine Services have worked in conjunction with Tek-Tanks' design engineers who have developed a tank construction system using high strength advanced polyethylene that overcomes the persistent corrosion and weight problems of steel and stainless steel, and the mechanical failure of flexible bag tanks.

Over 60% of our current workload on tanks is the direct replacement of tanks to vessels that were previously fitted with structurally unreliable flexible tanks and/or stainless and aluminium tanks with electrolysis problems.


Taste Free Water

The particular specification of polyethylene (Food Grade Quality) which is used in manufacture will not corrode and provides clean, taste-free water for the galley (and teeth cleaning!)

Computer Aided Design

After intricate measurements have been determined, taking outlet and inlet positions into account, they are transferred to a specialist CAD system where your tank is designed. Components for each tank are cut to the exact shape and size. These panels are then fitted together and welded in place using the latest hot gas extrusion welding systems by specialist in house engineers.

Pressure Testing for Reliability

As part of our total commitment to quality and reliabilty, EVERY TANK is pressure tested to 4psi or 8 foot hydraulic head. In addition to all tanks being CE rated, waste tanks and installations adhere to ISO 8099 standards.

custom tank installationInspection Hatches

These are high quality proprietary hatches with large 'O' ring seals for water and waste tanks or custom made 'nuts and bolts' polyethylene 270mm hatches with neoprene seal for diesel tanks.

Custom Design and Production

Diesel, water and waste holding tanks built from rigid polyethylene lend themselves to one-off production because there are no expensive mould tools to produce. Our custom tanks are of welded construction and built to our own design, all to our demanding and proven specifications. Multi faceted shapes normally solve most design problems.

Senders, 'High-Level' indicators and gauges complement all our tanks if required. These are strongly recommended, particularly the new innovative and "non-invasive" type of sender, the Gobius 4, an inspiration from Sweden.



"I’m pleased to say that the tank did its job faultlessly all during our cruise, with no hint of leaks, or the “smells” that I had feared... I was grateful for the job you did for me."






First Marine are pleased to be able to offer a complete measurement, design and tank model making service to ensure that your new tank will fit your boat, gaining maximum capacity with optimum location. Please call for details or email

custom tank installation

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